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Funerals & Memorials

The bagpipes can be a stirring addition to a funeral or memorial service.

Please call Bill at:
to check availability and make arrangements.  Due to the often limited time frame for planning, I do not suggest using e-mail for funeral inquiries. 

Consider some of these options:

  •  Play at the church or ceremony location as the funeral procession arrives.

  •  Play during the service at a specific point (if permitted).

  •  Piping as the funeral procession leaves the church.

  •  Bagpipe music at the cemetery as the funeral procession arrives.

  •  Play at a designated time during the cemetery service.

  •  Piping as guests depart from the cemetery service.

Typically, one or two of these options would be best. 

I usually play a selection of slow airs, slow marches and laments, with respect for the solemnity and dignity of the occasion.

Typical tunes include Amazing Grace, Danny Boy, Here I Am Lord, Highland Cathedral, Scots Wha Hae, The Balmoral, Going Home, When the Battle's Over, Skye Boat Song, Loch Ranoch, Taps, and more, including military tunes for veterans.

Traditional highland daywear is worn for a dignified appearance.

Please bear in mind that outdoor piping can sound less than optimal when temperatures dip into the 40's or less.

Rates begin at $200.00.

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